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Pixel Art for MetroGear

Many of our artists enjoy creating items to be sold through our MetroGear catalog.Kitty

We offer two compensation programs for pixels artists.

Commission-Based Program: Members of the community who have artwork sold through our MetroGear catalog do so on a commission-based program. Artists receive 40% of sales, and retain ownership of their artwork; payments are issued monthly.

Fixed Fee Program: Artists who are not active members of the community are encouraged to participate in the pixel art fixed fee program. Upon receipt of payment ownership of the artwork transfers to MetroWorlds. Members of the community can also participate in the fixed fee program if they wish.

YokiNot all pixel art is going to qualify for inclusion in the MetroGear catalogs. Our art director, and many of our other artists, can work with you, however, to improve the quality of your work.

For more information about either commission-based or fixed fee programs, please email support.