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Download & Installation Help

Users of Internet Explorer shouldn’t encounter any problems but Firefox and Google Chrome users may. This is due to how the browsers handle downloading the login file the MetroWorlds server sends out. We have a guide for Google Chrome users here on what to do after you’ve downloaded and installed the client.

The same idea should work for Firefox. If you are trying to login and it’s downloading a file named metropolis.cgi or just metropolis with no icon, please clear your browsers cache and try again. This should resolve the issue.”

Users of Google Chrome may get the message “wa25setup.exe is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous” when you try to download the client. This is a false positive by Chrome and is standard procedure for .exe files that have not been digitally signed. We aim to change this in the future and invite you to run our client through your virus scanner if you have concerns.

Minimum supported OS: Windows XP Recommended OS: Windows 7 or higher

We do not officially support the Mac operating system at this time, however there are some workarounds you can do (we do not provide support for these though). You can install a free to use program called VirtualBox which lets you install a “virtual computer” onto your Mac so you can run Windows inside your Mac operating system. This is for more advanced users as it requires you to install the new operating system inside this “virtual computer”. Also it requires a legitimate copy of Windows.

The other option is to purchase a program called Parallels which lets you run Windows programs directly inside your Mac operating system.