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Your Metro Team

We have a strong team of folks who help Metropolis operate as smoothly as is possible. Your Metro team will be able to help you with any number of questions, or concerns.


River & Tobias (World Director)

Using earned and learned skills combined with real-world experience, River & Tobias each handle the aspects of MetroWorlds that are the best match for their tools and knowledge.

Tobias oversees the technical areas of the business, including spearheading several projects that work to improve stability of the service. From boosting efficiency to enhancing the user experience, he spends much of his time digging through code to ensure we all get the most out of our time in Metropolis. Tobias also oversees many parts of day-to-day Metropolis life, including working with the art department, and the inworld support team.

River oversees the day-to-day operational areas of the business.

Caretaker Caro

As Caretaker, Caro is a solid part of the team. Handling our games and events, while also working hard to oversee our Advisor team, Caro is dedicated to keeping the community entertained and running smoothly.

Take our advice and sign up for hosting your favorite game on each event weekend before she starts cracking that whip!

When taking well-earned time away from the screen, Caro is found spending time with her son.

Caro speaks several languages fluently, including English, and Dutch.

Caretaker Doji

Doji truly enjoys helping staff and the members of Metropolis in any way she can. No task is too small, and patience is one of her watchwords! Don’t be put off by her somber appearance and serious demeanor. Doji expresses her fun-loving nature in her alter ego Chimi, playing games, chatting, and hosting. While not enjoying watching Metropolis grow and thrive, Doji spends her time in the house that her two cats allow her to live in, playing games and puzzles, and being constantly amazed at how only two cats can make so many dust bunnies.

Caretaker LTC

Lord Top Cat (most often simply called LTC) has been a part of the community since 1998. Under the supervision of his parents (Net & Golden Amber), he joined the community at the tender age of 6.

He enjoys hosting and playing games, decorating his turf and interacting with the community. He is known to have a semi evil side, just ask any of his Word Search players. He also thoroughly enjoys hiding Gremlins behind things to make them harder to find!

In real life, Jamie lives in sunny New Zealand. He is in the final year of his Bachelor of Computing Systems Degree, while working for Microsoft part time. His interests include spending time with family, designing and deploying web sites, watching The Big Bang Theory and of course spending time in MetroWorlds!

Jamie speaks English and very limited Maori (Kia Ora) <- That’s the extent of his Maori knowledge!

Caretaker Prankster

Prankster is always available to help out members of the community, with any concerns that may pop up. He feels at home in Metropolis, and hopes that every member of the community feels the same way.
More than one of our trusted advisors, Prankster is one of our games hosts, and is also a talented plug-in programmer who spends many good hours working to boost the fun we all have in Metropolis.
When he is not contributing to the community through hosting or plug-in creations, or chatting with friends both new and old, Prankster enjoys unwinding with hobbies that lean toward the artistic.

Caretaker Raenbo

Raenbo serves double-duty for MetroWorlds as both Caretaker and our Art Director. Both positions allow her to use her versatile set of skills in order to help make your time in Metropolis fantastic.

She’s incredibly patient with newbies, and is always happy to lend a helping hand! With a love for all things games, Raenbo loves to host games, play word games, host events, and of course create outstanding pieces of art for all of us. A paralegal and notary public, when she is not having fun inworld, Raenbo has a great family that begrudgingly puts up with her time online.

Caretaker Thorny

Thorny is no stranger to virtual worlds. Those familiar with the C64 service Quantum Link will definitely recognize her, and her husband CaptCranky. Together, this dynamic duo have three daughters and one granddaughter. Thorny is incredibly proud of the women in her family, and when not in Metropolis she can be found spending time with them.

Having spent many years guiding and infusing fun into the online world, Thorny enjoys immense satisfaction from watching her friends have lots of fun. An avid player and supporter of games in Metropolis, Thorny can often be found taking in a rousing late night game of whatever is going, with friends.

In addition to helping keep the community a fun and safe place for members of all ages, Thorny can help you out with filling paint cans, sponsor your games, and with finding answers to your questions, and of course helping you navigate Metropolis.

Advisor Dee

Advisor Devra

Advisor Eternity

Advisor Havana

Havana’s real name is Rosy (also the name of her alt ). She loves piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Well no, she doesn’t drink, and she hates the rain.

Born in Havana, Cuba, this great lady has lived in the United States since 1957. She can speak Spanish and English, some French and can Google Dutch like a champ.

Have loves movies and boasts more than 750+ VHS and about 250 DVD’s in her collection!

Catch up with her at one of the games she hosts, or talk to her about being your games sponsor!

Advisor laesea

The mother of two, and grandmother of two, laesea is one of our games hosts. When not hosting, playing games, and chatting with folks inworld, laesea spends quality time with her husband of 32 years, and can also be found putting her culinary skills to work in the kitchen.

laesea is also a talented pixel artist, and you are sure to spot some of her creations around Metropolis.

Advisor Lou

 Lou works both as a mortgage professional and owner of a rapidly growing small business.
He is very engaged in the LGBT community. Lou loves to escape to Metropolis when his schedule allows it, to visit friends he has known for half of his life.
Lou loves helping others in the community, and brings an infectious sense of humor with him when he’s inworld.

Living in beautiful Denver with his 10 year old cat, his hobbies include, Metropolis, running his business, traveling, music, and being sociable!

Advisor Moss

Moss is a talented pixel artist who also enjoys decorating her turf and building locales for use in Metropolis.

Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Moss currently lives in San Francisco, CA, helping her family business in Beijing, China. She can speak English, Korean and Mandarin Chinese .

She has a Chocolate colored long hair Dachshund, ‘Cam’ in Korea. You might see ‘Cammy cam the dachshund’ hanging around in Metropolis. (Yes, It’s her alt!)

Moss loves spending time in Metropolis, and loves meeting new friends!


Advisor Suz

Advisor Titzy

Advisor Whimsical