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Painting & Engraving Guidelines


  • Filling custom paint cans and painting paintable items will always be done in the Custom Paint Room. Caretakers can do so in the MG Balcony if necessary
  • Please see the engraving guidelines for naming custom paint cans
  • When a custom paint can is empty, you must buy a new empty custom paint can for you to transfer the code to (ie the original can cannot be refilled)
  • There are one-time custom paintable items that are denoted with a “(P)” on the end. When painting these items, the “(P)” will be removed off the end to denote that it has been painted. The rest of the name will not be altered


  •  Engraving items will always be done in the Custom Paint Room by Advisors. Caretakers will engrave on the MetroGear Balcony.
  • Engravable items are denoted with an “(E)” on the end. This “(E)” is removed when engraving
  • If a date is desired on the item, you must use the following format “10/5/15” (day and month can be US or International). The format used on prizes (’15) cannot be engraved on an item
  • Staff titles (ie World Director, Caretaker, Advisor) cannot be engraved on items, as well as names of staff tools (Fiddle, Builder, Amulet, Vendroid, etc).
  • You can engrave your name or someone elses name on an item, as long as it is not being used in a derogatory manner. This is subjective and will be up to the Advisor or Caretaker on duty to decide. If you have to question whether it’ll be acceptable, it probably isn’t.
  • We may not engrave trademarked or copyrighted real world names (i.e. no Mickey Mouse or Coke). We also cannot engrave celebrity names. If you aren’t sure, Google!
  • No overly vulgar or obscene words or phrases can be engraved. We are a community of adults, but use your common sense as to how far it can go