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Monthly Ticket Games Guidelines

When you game in Metropolis, we want to reward you as a player for participating on a regular basis. One of the ways we do this is to offer monthly tickets as game prizes. You can exchange these for all sorts of exclusive items inworld which can only be obtained by redeeming a monthly ticket. Please read the guidelines below if you are a games host and you would like to run a game where members can win a ticket.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please e-mail us at games@metroworlds.com.

[1] You can choose to host a Monthly Ticket Game.

  • You may convert one of your regularly scheduled recurring games to a Monthly Ticket Game.
  • You may host a maximum of 3 Monthly Ticket Games per month.
  • The Guidelines apply to each scheduled Monthly Ticket Game. Points for multiple Monthly Ticket Games on the schedule cannot be combined.
  • Send your request to Games to convert or add a Monthly Ticket Game.
  • Once approved by Games, a ticket icon will appear in the Schedule denoting it as a Monthly Ticket Game.
  • [2] You must host a minimum of 75% of the games in the month in order to award a Monthly Ticket.

  • This means that at most one game may be “missed” in a month.
  • Reasons that a game may be missed can be: lack of players (at least 5 players are required), you cancelled the game in advance, or you failed to show up to host the game (unforeseen circumstances can and do happen).
  • [3] If you know in advance that you will miss a Monthly Ticket Game, you may prearrange a substitute host.

  • The substitute host must be a sponsored host
  • You need to email the name of the substitute host to Games, your Sponsor, and the substitute host’s Sponsor.
  • You may give the substitute host the prize set you have for the game. You will need to include that information in your email to Games, your Sponsor, and the substitute host’s Sponsor.
  • The substitute host must email game results to Games and include you, your Sponsor, and the substitute host’s Sponsor on the email. Game results must include the Winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4 DPs) and the complete list of players and points for the game.
  • If the substitute host does not email the complete list of players and points, the game will not count for the Monthly Ticket.
  • [4] You need to keep track of the points for each player in each Monthly Ticket Game.

  • If a player chooses to play multiple avatars in one game, the points may not be combined.
  • Points are accumulated by avatar name.
  • You are responsible for keeping these records.
  • Keep the records for at least 3 months in case there ever are any questions about the results.
  • [5] A player is NOT eligible for the Monthly Ticket in a month if that player has won the Monthly Ticket in one of the two previous months.

  • Example: If avatar JohnDoe won the April Monthly Ticket, avatar John Doe is not eligible to win another ticket until July.
  • [6] The player with the most points at the end of the month wins the Monthly Ticket

  • If the player with the most points is not eligible for the month, the player with the next highest score wins.
  • If there is a tie or ties, use a tie-breaker to select the monthly ticket winner.
  • The tie-breaker may be a roll-off with a die, or a tie-breaker program if your hoster has one included.
  • [7] The Monthly Ticket winner does not have to be present to win.

  • You are responsible for notifying the winner via ESP Mail and getting the ticket to the winner.
  • If there is a tie and one of the tied players is not present, arrange to meet the player and get the tie-breaker information from the player.
  • Be sure and ESP Mail all tied players the final results of the tie-breaker if this happens.
  • [8] When you submit the winners for the last game in the month, include the name of the Monthly Ticket Winner in the “Additional Information” box.