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Games Playing Guidelines

We offer a broad variety of games for you to play and enjoy. Most games are hosts in English, but we also have some hosted in Korean.

You can find the games schedule here. It offers advisor games, which are held during the weekdays, and event games, which are held during weekends and special occasions.

We offer games to suit all preferences and skill levels. From games of chance, such as slots, slingo, bingo, to games of skill, WIAN, Acro, Get A Clue, to just games where we have a laugh, Back Off, Mind Game, Weird Laws Trivia. You are sure to find something you enjoy.

If you want to play a game that you have never played before we suggest that you learn these games during the week as hosts and players often have more time to dedicate to new players. Weekend event games can be very pressed for time, and not ideal for learning something new.

There are some restrictions when playing games, such as that we ask you not to play with multiple avatars at some games where that would constitute an unfair advantage. Those games include:

  • Mind Game
  • Acro
  • Get A Clue
  • Yarn
  • Red Dragon

We also ask that, though it may not give you an unfair advantage, you do not play on multiple avatars during the following games:

  • Word Scrambles
  • Trivia (of any kind)
  • Before ‘n After
  • Countdown
  • Deuces Dictionary
  • Mad Gabs

If you are new to Metropolis or you don’t know how a certain game is played you can contact a member of the team by paging, or by emailing games for information.

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