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Games Hosting Guidelines

In order to host sponsored games you need to be a sponsored host. To become a sponsored host you can reach out to any member of the team, or email games for assistance finding a sponsor.

We ask that each host heeds the hosting guidelines and endeavors to treat each player with respect.

As a host you can sign up for any weekly advisor or for any of the weekend or special occasion event games.

There can only be a maximum of three games per hour. Only one game of each is permitted per hour.

To signup, please email your sponsor and email games. Include your avatar host name, your sponsor, which day you want to host, which game, which time, and in which locale you’d like to host.

If you are signing up for a weekend event, the signups will close at 11:30am MWT/PST on the Friday the day before the event. If you are signing up for a weekday event, it will generally start on a Tuesday; therefore signups for the event will close at 11:30am MWT/PST on the Monday prior to that. This is to ensure all hosts are able to have prizes delivered to them on time.

Please do not give your prizes to another host unless they are subbing a game for you. You are responsible for your own prizes. If someone is missing prizes they need to contact their sponsor and games.

Playing your own game, or another game while you are hosting is not permitted. If you are hosting a game, you need to keep your focus on the game so that you can ensure everything runs smoothly.

If you have taken a Leave of Absence from hosting, or LOA, for two months or longer then your games will be removed from the schedule. Contact games once you return to let us know you are back and we will endeavour to get you back on the schedule.

Consequences of not following guidelines

If a host does not follow the guidelines we’ve laid out for hosting, the following actions will be taken. This is to ensure that you are aware of the guidelines, help you out if you need it and to protect players in the community.

Once a report has been received and we deem it necessary then these things will apply depending on how many times we have dealt with a host.

1st time the host will receive a warning. They’ll also be made aware of the consequences of the warnings (i.e. the stuff to follow).

2nd time the host will receive a warning. This is the last time a warning will be given. The next time, action will be taken.

3rd time the host will be put on a LOA of 2 weeks.

4th time the host will be put on a LOA of a month.

5th time the host will be put on a LOA of 3 months.

6th time the host will be removed from the hosting program altogether and not be welcome to return at any point.

Disruptive Players

Unfortunately many of us will experience situations with disruptive players at the games we host.

You, as the host, are in control of the game. Encourage your other players to put the disruptive individuals on ignore.

If a player is being disruptive, please make sure you have a text grabber available, and turn it on, and take screenshots. Give the offending player 3 warnings in esp’s. If after the 3rd warning they continue their behavior please delete them and let games@metroworlds.com and your sponsor know what transpired. You can then send the saved text and screenshots.

If things get out of hand, please page a member of the team to intervene.

Game Starting Times

Hosts should show up at the top of the hour, to start taking registrations and to answer any questions from players. The game should start between 10 and 15 past the hour; this gives members a clear indication as to when games start. The clock that will be followed is the in world clock (MWT) which is the same as PST/PDT (UTC -8).

Player Minimums

Any sponsored game, whether advisor or event, has to have a minimum of 5 players to start. If that minimum is not met by 15 past the hour, the game is cancelled and the prizes will not be distributed.

Prize Distribution

Advisor Prizes are given out during Advisor Sponsored Games; these are hosted during week days. Advisor Prizes consist of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes that are handed out on the basis of the three highest scores, and 4 door prizes, 2 different prizes, 2 copies of each, painted with the same paint codes.

Event Prizes are given out during Event Sponsored Games; these are hosted during weekends and during some special occasions. Event Prizes consist of 1st, 2nd and a 3rd prizes, and 4 door prizes, 2 different prizes, each painted in two different paint codes.

Staff Event Prizes are given out during Staff Sponsored Event Games; there are five or six Staff Events each year, Valentines, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Color Wars, and one extra event to be determined. Staff prizes consist of 1st,2nd, and 3rd prizes and that are handed out on the basis of the three highest scores, and 4 door prizes, 4 different prizes.

If players want to trade prizes amongst themselves after the game, that is their prerogative.

Do not drop your box of prizes on the floor, anyone can and will grab them, and you, as the host are responsible for your prizes until they are handed out.

Substitute hosting

If a host has not shown up by 10 past the hour another sponsored host may substitute the same game. They can page an advisor or caretaker for a set of prizes, if there is no one available to retrieve a set of prizes the hosts are asked to take note of the winners names and send an email to games so that prizes can be distributed.

If you sub a game you can request an extra host ticket (email your sponsor and games) as a thank you for subbing the game.