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Event Hosting Guidelines

It can be a lot of fun to host an event! We have just a few guidelines that can help to make the event hosting process run smoothly for us all.

  • Pick a theme
  • Pick a date (Consider that dates for events are set well in advance of the actual event)
  • Pick a co-host if you want to work with someone
  • Discuss your plans with your sponsor
  • Email games@metroworlds.com with your proposal
  • Come up with prizes. You will need 3 mains and 4 dps. You will need the image codes, the color codes, the names for your prizes. You will need to come up with member paints for tall and small avatars. You will need to come up with the paint codes for a box. (Games can and will help you if you need the assistance) All prizes need to be submitted at least three weeks prior to the actual event
  • Artwork that has been previously used in other events is okay to request, artwork created specifically for the event by an artist is okay to request (providing you meet the above time requirements). Artwork that exists in our database but has not been used yet may not be requested.
  • You may only use one newly created piece of art per event. So if you request an artist make something for your event specifically, please bear this in mind. (Added: 01/07/2017)
  • You may need to ask hosts to sign up
  • We ask that you only have one event on the schedule at a time; to allow everyone a chance to do an event

If you want brand new art and you have a few ideas, consider discussing it with one of our pixel artists. Keep in mind that artists are not at all obligated to work with you to create the prizes. Consider also a reasonable time-frame when you want new art. Any new art needs to have been approved by the art department at least one month prior to the event. If artwork has been submitted within the correct timeframe, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be approved.

Please note, there are certain games which are not allowed to be hosted on event weekends as they can cause disruption to the schedule. Currently, the only game which is not allowed on event weekends is “Double Trouble”. If a host submits a request to host this on an event weekend, please do not approve it and contact games@metroworlds.com to resolve the issue.

If you have any questions or comments about games or in world activities please contact games and we will do our best to answer your questions.