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Event: St Andrews Day


This weekend’s event…. St. Andrew’s Day, hosted by Geb, and with Penny’s help!

1st – Tonag Mhor ’15
2nd – Clootie Dumpling ’15
3rd – Tam O’Shanter ‘15
Lion Rampant Blue ’15
Lion Rampant Silver ’15
O Fhluir na h-Albann Silver’15
O Fhluir na h-Albann Blue ’15


Event: Come Play with Us ’15

EventComePlayThis weekend’s event is called “Come Play with Us ’15” , hope you can come play with us in Metropolis, we look forward to seeing you in world. Prizes will be published at the end of the week, bring your inner child to games this weekend. Here’s a sneak peak for all you small avatars:

Event: Happily Ever After ’15

EventNovem15Raenbo has made us an event for the upcoming weekend. Happily Ever After ’15.
We hope to see you all in Metropolis this weekend.1st – Royal Pet ’15
2nd – Royal Crown ’15
3rd – Royal Parade ’15 (C)
Royal Silver Jester ’15
Royal Red Jester ’15
Royal Silver Goblet ’15
Royal Red Goblet ’15


November Advisor Prizes

November Advisor Prizes for the first two weeks of the month !
Note – 2 DP’s also. New prizes will come out on the 14th, so play play play & win what you want now !

1st – CoverUp for Fall ’15
2nd – Fallen Leaf Storage ’15
3rd – Setting Back the Time ’15
Fall Butterfly ’15
For the Pies ’15


Event: Halloween ’15

MetroHalloween15It’s Halloween time in Metropolis, come join us this weekend for some fun and games during the “Halloween in Metropolis ’15 ” event.
If you’re hosting and would like to host in the Halloween locales, please email “games” and ask for a location switch for this event.

The Prizes this weekend:

1st – Halloween Devil ’15
2nd- Zombie Face-protector ’15
3rd – Lil’ Monster Overalls ’15
Frank’s Stash ’15
Ghost’s Stash ’15
Pumpkin’s Stash ’15
Skully’s Stash ’15


Maniac Mansion is Open!

Maniac Mansion is open for business on the westside of town… are you ready?


Halloween Hand Outs

TrickorTreatDropsIt’s time for trick or treating and so it’s time for the Metropolis Staff to treat our members to some fabulous treats, so you don’t try and trick us! Starting on Tuesday!!!

We have 3 sets of 3 handouts for everyone who contacts us.

Tuesday and Wednesday staff will be handing out:
Halloween Pumpkindude ’15
Halloween Frankenstein ’15
Halloween Kitty ’15

Thursday and Friday staff will be handing out:
Halloween Witch ’15
Halloween Wolfie ’15
Halloween Dracula ’15

Saturday and Sunday staff will be handing out:
Halloween Mummy ’15
Halloween Ghostie ’15
Halloween Devil ’15

One handout per member, per hour, per staffer, so you will need to track your favorite staffer down! River and Tobias will be helping with the handouts as well as Advisors Doji, Havana, LTC, Elujzim and Thorny, and Caretakers Sk, Raenbo, Devra and Caro. You can also ask Pink Nekophiliac (Art) and Rassilon (Art). We hope you enjoy the handouts!


Something wicked this way comes…

Something wicked this way comes…. to Metropolis tomorrow!October15

Coffee & Conversation

Coffee and conversation with good friends! What a great morning it is in Metro!


Event: Grand Opening Metropolis ’15

We’re happy to announce Metropolis’s first event! Grand Opening Metropolis ’15. Come join us for games, chat, prizes, and explore the new world.
We would love to see you all in Metropolis this weekend! See you there!
1st – Welcome to Metropolis ’15
2nd – Warm Welcome ’15
3rd – New Beginning ’15
White Ribbon ’15
Aqua Ribbon ’15
White Tie ’15
Aqua Tie ’15
Event Host Ticket