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Closing the Christmas Area

Last minute Xmas shopping will be available in Metropolis until next week! We will be closing the Xmas area on January 12th at 12PM MWT so if there’s anything you’ve been holding out on, now is the time to check your ATM

Christmas Vendo ’15

MetroXmas15Time to start your Christmas shopping!!!
Check out the vendo in the Mountain View (East) locale! It’s the start of Christmas shopping in Metropolis.Christmas Tree Box ’15 (E)
Holiday Gift Box ’15 (E)
Holiday Ornaments Box ’15 (E)
Merry Christmas Card ’15 (E)
Happy Xmas Card ’15 (E)
Xmas Card ’15 (E)
Santa Teddy ’15 (E)
Christmas Tree ’15 (E)
Candy Cane Necklace ’15 (E)