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Metropolis Community Discussion!

Please join River & Tobias at our first Metropolis Community Discussion.

This discussion will be your opportunity to hear updates from the team and learn about some of the great changes we are making across the board.

You will also be given the chance to ask questions, and get direct answers. Emailing questions in is also encouraged, if you cannot make it.

Date: April 9th – Saturday

Time: 8 am, MWT

Locale: Outside Town Hall

Reminders will be posted closer to the date.

March 2016 MetroGear Catalog

MGComingSoonMarchThe March 2016 MetroGear catalog will be available from Tuesday! We have some exciting things for both male and female avatars to dress up in. The January 2016 catalog will remain open for another month.

MetroGear Updates

Happy New Year!

We’re excited to see what 2016 brings us all. We are working hard behind the scenes to bring you all some great changes, terrific new goodies, and a few surprises along the way.

We would also like to announce that we are going to be retiring, for some time, the items in the Metropolis Launch Catalog. Select items may return in different colours, so do keep an eye out on upcoming catalogs for your faves.

In addition, we will be retiring the November and December catalogs by the end of the month.

Poetry Contest Winners!

Here are the three winners of the Poetry Contest! Congrats winners!

First place: Maeb

A new beginning, A new start
The sound of Metropolis lifts my heart
Without a place, nowhere to go
Our lives began to really slow
The dark was waning as light began to show
To all us lost avatars a new place to go
A world not so different yet not the same
Full of magic under a brand new name
A home, A family, A place to be
Metropolis sounds real grand to me
Oh metropolis, your warm embrace
We finally found a home, a place

Second place: Wobsi

Ich bin klein und trage Blau,
warte auf Metropolis und suche dann den Bau.
Fuzzies werde ich suchen und vermutlich ordentlich fluchen.
Dazu noch UFOs und sogar Ducks
ich wuensche uns viel Spass und noch mehr Quacks.
If you can’t read it, you have the best chance to beat it.

Third place: Sk

Metro will dazzle,
bright city lights and clean streets!
Now, where will we park?

MetroGear Paintable Bitmaps

Thanks to the brilliant Advisor SK, we now have some bitmap files available for items from the MetroGear Launch Catalog. Use your favourite paint program to load these up and put some codes together

August Advisor Prizes

Happy 1 August 2015 to All – for our Hot Summer Month of Prizes we have:


1st – Building Castles Eden ’15 with Key
2nd – Summer Cover Up Eden ’15
3rd – Sizzling Neckware Eden ’15
DP – Sipping Coolies Eden ’15

MetroGear Update


We’ve been asked by several people about the status of the Tiny Body. When we brought it into Eden recently to celebrate marriage equality, we stated from the beginning it would just be a temporary fun thing until Metropolis. We also said that it would be available to purchase for MetroGear from that time onwards.

With the launch of MetroGear yesterday and tiny bodies still being free in Eden, we just want to re-iterate this to people so as to avoid any confusion. We don’t want anyone to purchase accessories for the tiny body and feel let down in Metropolis when they see the body in the catalog once more.

We didn’t want to remove the existing tiny bodies from Eden because we saw how much fun you have all been having with them :)

New Advisors!

Please come and join us at 11AM MWT/PDT outside the Eden Turfs building for the unveiling of the latest members of our team!

MetroGear arrives!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of MetroGear! If you want your avatar to look extra chic or just want something fun to play with, virtual goods are now purchasable from our online store.

We have not only opened the catalog for the Metropolis launch early but we are also delivering purchases to your avatars in Eden. That’s right, you’ll be able to play with them right now :) We’ll be re-delivering items once Metropolis is live so not to worry.

You can visit the MetroGear store in Eden right now by heading to the nearest teleporter! You get to sneak over the fence and enter part of Metropolis.

For more information or to browse the store, head on over to

Please read the FAQ as we have answered some questions we think will get asked a lot. If you have any queries regarding MetroGear at all or want to discuss your order, you can now contact us over on


Windows 10 Support

We are happy to announce that the WorldsAway client software used to access our worlds appears to be working just fine with Windows 10 which has just been released. Some of our members also report that they have had no problems with existing hosting programs, utilities or cards for gaming.

If you do experience any issues please let us know via