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Metropolis Community Discussion!

Please join River & Tobias at our first Metropolis Community Discussion.

This discussion will be your opportunity to hear updates from the team and learn about some of the great changes we are making across the board.

You will also be given the chance to ask questions, and get direct answers. Emailing questions in is also encouraged, if you cannot make it.

Date: April 9th – Saturday

Time: 8 am, MWT

Locale: Outside Town Hall

Reminders will be posted closer to the date.

Town Meeting Follow-up

Hey everyone, we figured it’s been almost a month now since we held our first ever Town Meeting. We have a few updates for you on issues we discussed that may be of interest.

We were asked about hosters/player cards and would they be re-written to work better with our software. We have a very talented programmer onboard who is currently working to revolutionize how plugins work. More information will be coming on this soon. In working on this project though, he was able to solve the issues behind the Hoster/Card plugin lag that a lot of you have been experiencing. It’s still going through Quality Assurance testing right now but we hope to push this out to you sometime in the next week.

The very same programmer has also made some good headway on the turf issue we mentioned so expect to see them in the not too distant future.

On the artwork front, we have a lot of artists bringing their artwork over to us who you may have seen elsewhere. Raenbo and Pink Nekophiliac being two of them… we have some other big names we’ll announce once ready too :)

That’s currently everything for now. As always, once we have exciting new information you can be sure we will let you know. If you have any feedback about Eden, whether it’s your experience inworld, new ideas, negative experiences, general thoughts… please let us know. Either on our Facebook page or via e-mail to / We take your feedback very seriously and want you to have the best experience possible.

Thank you!

Town Hall Meeting Minutes

Thank you for the great turnout at last nights Town Hall! As promised, here are the minutes of the meeting. They have been edited to try and improve readability, with questions/answers marked in orange.

Town Hall

Town Hall


Tobias: Okay we’d like to thank you all for coming out today, you guys are the reason we are even able to have a meeting in the first place
Tobias: We’ve got a bunch of questions people have e-mailed in over the past few days which we’ll answer
Tobias: At the end of our ready made questions we’ll open the floor up for people to ask their own
Tobias: Hopefully we’ll have answered all the good stuff <g>
Tobias: Okay so with that, let’s start the show

Tobias: Is there an ETA for Metropolis opening?
Tobias: We are aiming to have Metropolis opened in two months time, we’ll provide a finalized date closer to the actual date
Tobias: You’ll know when we know essentially <g>
Tobias: It’s an ongoing process and things change daily but we do have a schedule and we are trying to keep to it
Tobias: We’ve also been asked… what will the Metropolis design theme be?
Tobias: We envision Metropolis as a city by the sea, somewhat modern but with the ability to go beyond a mere cityscape. We have plans to be able to implement differently themed areas you can access, each of them their own mini world of sorts.
Tobias: In that sense, a mixture of the real world can be combined with fantasy elements
Tobias: Allowing us a larger palette to paint with during the building process
Tobias: So we can cater to all
River: We hope to also incorporate some of the ideas that all of you have shared with us. We loved reading all of your thoughts.
River: One of the questions we’ve had a lot is… Has the cost of subscriptions for Metropolis been established?
River: Monthly subscriptions for Metropolis will be $6.99 for a one avatar account.
River: The question about gift cards for friends also popped up – This option will be available, for 1-month, 2-month, and 3-month subscription lengths. Further details about the gift card program will go up on the site as we draw closer to opening day.
River: Related: Will we have the ability to have an account with just one or with two or more avatars on it?
River: This is an option that we are going to integrate into our subscription model. Again, further information will be provided on our website prior to Metropolis opening.
Tobias: People have also been asking us… How long will Eden stay open once Metropolis is open?
Tobias: There will be some overlap between the two. We will keep Eden operating for around two weeks after Metropolis opens to help with the transition between them. This is subject to change though.
Tobias: We don’t want to pull the rug out from under your feet so you get a chance to try us out and see if you would like to stick around
Tobias: On that note, Will there be a free option for those who can’t afford the subscription costs?
Tobias: Yes of course! We don’t want to exclude anyone from taking part in our community. We will have a free to play area where you will be confined to a limited set of locales, unable to rent a turf and only have access to limited items.
Tobias: Much in the same way Eden has been so far. You can stay in this area for as long as you wish with no requirement to upgrade.
Tobias: Although if you do upgrade to a paid account you receive all the benefits of doing so and can interact with everyone else in Metropolis.
River: This question gets me a bit tingly, with anticipation: Are you going to market to new members?
River: Absolutely. We plan on launching very targeted advertising programs, so that we can reach the type of audience that will make a good addition to our community.
River: Expansion will start off slowly, as we test the waters, but we have a strong marketing strategy that we are looking forward to putting into motion.
River: Marketing is kind of one of those things that gets my motor revving. So – rest assured, we’re going places.
River: Will there be a pixels-for-sale program?
Tobias: This technology needs people to survive, we are only as good as the community behind us
River: <— What he said <react>
River: As far as the pixels-for-sale… We are very excited about this program. MetroGear is going to be our opportunity to showcase member artwork, and also bring you some exclusive items to be enjoyed in Metropolis.
River: MetroGear is also going to offer tangible items like t-shirts, coffee cups, and so much more. Further details will be provided RSN!

River: You too can get your lifestyle cardboard cutout of Tobias for your living room!
Advisor Elujzim: *snort*
Callie: lol
Tobias: <G>
Tobias: I’ve already got mine <react>
Luay: Promotional items!

River: Speaking of MetroGear (MG)…. Can I buy the bodies that staff are wearing? Can I buy the little body?
River: Everybody LOVES the little body <react>
River: These bodies will be offered in the MetroGear catalog, for use in Metropolis.
River: We know there is some concern about potential pricing for these items. But we would like to assure you that we are not out to gouge anyone.
River: Your cardboard cutout of Tobias will be yours for a mere $99.99 <shrug>

Callie: lol
Advisor Elujzim: Can I pay that in tokens?
Tobias: Terms & Conditions apply <react>
River: LOL

River: Speaking of tokens – that did crop up as a question!
River: Will we be able to purchase tokens for cash?
River: This is not something that we wish to integrate into our community. It has the potential to quickly throw the economy off-kilter.
Tobias: Is further expansion of Eden to be expected before Metropolis opens?
Tobias: We plan on opening up turfs for the community in Eden and we have a couple more areas planned as you’ll see. Right now though, we are mainly focusing our efforts on Metropolis.
Tobias: Eden has been a great test bed so far, we’ve received a lot of feedback on what to do and what not to do
Tobias: We want to make this more homely for you for the upcoming months but please remember, Metropolis is our end goal
Tobias: Can we take any of our possessions from Eden into Metropolis?
Tobias: Due to the amount of extra work needed to do so, we will be bringing certain things over on a limited basis. We plan to bring over the handouts we gave out when Eden launched, Advisor prizes and Eden Event prizes.
Tobias: We will have specifics for you closer to Metro’s launch date (Sorry this is a recurring thing but we are perfectionists <g>)
Tobias: No tokens will be brought over Ghostie
Tobias: It would be impractical. We have the means to do so but we have allowed people to make accounts freely here
Tobias: Some have taken advantage of that and have quite sizeable bank accounts
Tobias: We want to ensure everyone gets a fair chance once we open the doors
Tobias: Oh let me grab the latest figures one second

Tobias: Before River answers the next question
Luay: Here we go<react>
River: We know it will be crummy to start over again, but! We’ll make it as easy as possible for everyone.
Callie: *drum roll*
Advisor Thorny: Somebody wants their Cincinatti head in HERE!!!

Tobias: As of last night, the total token count in Eden is 1518921T
Advisor Elujzim: Wow, 73 ghosties <wave>
Luay: We want to give you all p[erspective
Callie: wooooo
Advisor Elujzim: wow
Tobias: As you can see, that’s rather sizeable
Luay: perspective*
Tobias: Someone has been doing a large amount of parking <react>
Advisor Thorny: WOOOOHOOO
Advisor Elujzim: lotta alts

Tobias: We appreciate the enthusiasm but Eden tokens will remain here <g>
Tobias: On a side note, we haven’t yet set the token rate for Metropolis but we are using our feedback from Eden as a basis for it
Tobias: Oh and for those who might be interested, as of last night we have 861 accounts inworld
River: One of the top five questions I get – daily! … How can I apply to be an Advisor?
River: Moving on. We will be putting up an application form on our website this week. Fill out the questions, hit submit, and we’ll take it from there.
River: Another I hear a bit: How can I apply to be on the art team? First… Email Pink at Currently she is assembling a list of those interested. Once all of the legal doo-dads are wrapped up, she will start working with artists.
River: We want to make the member art program as fun for the artists and it is going to be for all of us. So please give us a bit of time to establish guidelines.
River: And now for something a little bit controversial. You know I love wading elbows deep in such things. <react>
River: What is the stance on profanity? There are now children in Eden.
River: We will be adding community behavior guidelines to the website.
River: We ask that parents allowing their children into Eden and later Metropolis give their children instructions to announce that they are 10, 12, 7… etc.
River: We try to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere. Not one that is directed to adults only, or one that means we all need to talk down to one another.
Luay: Yes, please come in and evaluate the environment first
River: No one needs to alter their behavior to the point that they are not enjoying their time in Eden <shrug>
River: Words that come up in conversation – fine. But don’t call Tobias a bleeping bleepity bleep.
River: That’s my job <grin>
Luay: We are more concerned with verbal assault and repititive harassment – please report any and all to us<grin>
Tobias: If you do notice someone that a younger person is in a locale around behavior/language you don’t think is right, please page an Advisor
Tobias: They can watch the situation and intervene if necessary
River: Seriously, y’all. We’re not asking you to stop being who you are.
River: Just – sort of be aware. And I know 999999% of you are. Just wanted to put it out there.
River: And speaking of… Is it true that JerseyDevil(JD) owns MetroWorlds?
River: Only on alternate Tuesdays and every sixth Saturday. Which means that Tobias and I will be found relaxing on a beach those days.
River: Send cabana boys and mai tais
Tobias: I’ll take a KFC failing that

Advisor Elujzim: ::swoon:: cabana boys <jump>
Callie: lol
River: LOL
River: Please direct all complaints to JD on those days <react>
Advisor Thorny: LOL
Tobias: *actually joking incase he gets bombarded <G>*
River: (And I should add, I am kidding. Please don’t harass JD!!)
Callie: haha
Advisor Thorny: Too late
Advisor Thorny: LOL
Advisor Elujzim: Oh, I’ma harass him alright
River: Sorry, kid. I owe you a drink. <relax>
Tobias: He had them all earlier remember?
River: Right <relax> <lifts foot>
Advisor Thorny: \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ <– Shots for everyone
Callie: wooo

River: Oh. This is a fun question. <react> And should be directed to our fabulous builders. Will we be in Metropolis in time for Christmas?
Tobias: *Does at least two in a row*
Advisor Elujzim: *slurp*
Callie: could do with a coctail on the beach <grin>
Callie: cocktail*
Callie: oh

River: Answer to that one is absolutely, as Mr T said – 2 or so months.
Luay: I knew that question was coming<react>
Callie: christmas is cancelled <relax>
River: LOL
Callie: builders on strike <G>

Tobias: Okay so hopefully that answers everyones questions, but for those we didn’t answer
Luay: Keep in mind that regardless of what the time frame is – we will be festive
Tobias: We are now opening the floor up for you

Luay: We love festivity<grin>
Tobias: Give me a second to start up a list program
River: In case you weren’t aware – Callie is one of our amazing builders. <grin> Don’t bombard her, she’s shy. <react>
Advisor Elujzim: amok amok amok!
Callie: thanks River <grin>
Callie: any locales you like let me know
Callie: any you dont
Callie: tell Luay <G>
River: <react>
Advisor Elujzim: heh
Tobias: I appear to have misplaced my list program, could someone else in here possibly run one? <g>
Luay: Bring it<react>
Advisor Thorny: I do not have one
Tobias: We just need to be able to register peoples interest in coming down to ask a question and we’ll summon them down
Luay: Yes, one moment
Callie: the dog ate mine
Advisor Elujzim: I don’t have one on this machine <shrug> sorry
River: Wion peed on mine <sigh>
Tobias: A likely excuse Callie <react>
Advisor Thorny: LOL
Advisor Elujzim: I can write a list?
Tobias: Sure
Advisor Thorny: Somebody said J took his
Tobias: Apologies if you find it hard to spell Elujzim, I’m still having a hard time <react>
Luay: I have a prize draw…hmm. All of our name callers are vanishing
Advisor Thorny: I do…ROFL
Callie: haha Claire – not sure how to answer that!
Luay: I smell a conspiracy
Advisor Elujzim: IP is first up
IP(irishprincess): hi all
Advisor Thorny: Hi IP
Callie: aww thanks DobeLady
IP(irishprincess): gla with all
Tobias: Hey IP <bow>
Callie: Hi IP <wave>

IP(irishprincess): the oricing
River: Hi!
IP(irishprincess): you said was for single account
IP(irishprincess): are there going to be dual accts
Advisor Thorny: pricing
River: Yes. I addressed that. We will be offering dual accounts.
IP(irishprincess): i mean like in 3 or 6 months period
River: Prepaid accounts, you mean?
IP(irishprincess): yes but i mean for some of us
IP(irishprincess): yes
IP(irishprincess): thank you
IP(irishprincess): sorry
IP(irishprincess): ty
River: No problem. We would prefer not to extend past 3 months.
River: This is primarily for your protection.
River: All of our pricing plans will be listen in great detail as we draw closer to opening day.
Tobias: Okay next up is Puckernutz
Puckernutz: when MW opens I’d like to donate all my eden tokens for newbies, logical move anyway as we can’t take them w/ us
Tobias: That’s cool! Eden will remain open for about two weeks after Metropolis opens so I think it’ll be a free for all <react>
Tobias: buggy3 you’re up!
Tobias: Okay she’s not inworld, Karl you’re up!
Karl: Hi
Karl: Can we have an easier program to move stuff in turfs?
Tobias: Do you mean something like Bolti’s Mover?
Tobias: Something like that?
Tobias: Actually, this is a good time to discuss something turf related
Tobias: The reason we don’t have turfs implemented right now is our client codebase is missing the ability to shift + drag move items in your turf. That’s the only thing stopping us releasing turfs today
Tobias: We are working on getting that in ASAP, once it is.. we feel it’s a pretty easy way to move items around
Tobias: We realize some of you would like more precision though and that’s something we can look into changing down the line
Tobias: If you would rather have turfs in and use the traditional “Move Object” menu only, let us know and we could put them out sooner. But we wanted to hold back until we were able to give you the full experience
Tobias: Karl, did we answer your question?
Advisor Elujzim: he wants you should bring him down again please
Luay: Tobias, you should let them know about coding here
Tobias: If enough people e-mail and let us know, we will consider releasing turfs early
Tobias: Sure, after I’ve brought Karl down
Tobias: WB Karl
Karl: TY
Karl: There was a patch in Nh that had an excellent mover
Callie: wb
Karl: That would be perfect
Luay: Which patch are you referring to?
Luay: No, you will not get in trouble for bringing up this topic<react>
Karl: All I know it was a excellent mover
Tobias: Okay well we can look into that, we have some ideas on how to expand item movement
Tobias: If someone would like to write a plugin that does this also, you are more than welcome to
Karl: Thank YOU T
Luay: We are not in the business of stealing other peoples code, however if you can recall the name of the patch, it is something that we will look into to see what made it different
Tobias: I have extensive documentation on the WorldsAway DAPI available on my URL along with code examples and some extra information
Tobias: Please pass it along to any programmer friends you might think would be interested
Tobias: Okay buggy are you back?
Tobias: She’s not… innocentwaif, you’re up!
Luay: We encourage people to learn coding – it helps pass by the time and brings out your creative juices<grin>
InnocentWaif: I has 3 questions please! 1 – Can we please have a PINK hat in the store? 2 – WHEN is that gorgeous pink flowered teddy from the FB page coming out?? and 3 – We need snowballs so we can splat EG! TYVVM!
Tobias: Thank you, that’ll be $99.99 <react>
Tobias: River, do you want to take this one? <react>
River: Mr T turns purple and spotty when I mention pink stuff.

InnocentWaif: ghosties say PINK splatballs pls
River: But I will work on it. <react>
InnocentWaif: WOO TYVVM!
InnocentWaif: and and
Advisor Elujzim: splat splat!
InnocentWaif: TYVVM Mr T for making my eyes blink
Tobias: Pink makes my suit itch <react>
Callie: I am allergic too

Tobias: Keellyn, you’re up!
River: The teddy bear will be available in Metropolis. <grin>
Tobias: No wait
Tobias: Buggys question first!¬
Callie: Mr T!
Callie: haha
Tobias: Then Keellyn
Tobias: I’m just raring to go <react>
Callie: asking if we will do pet bodies
Callie: I said I would ask for her at the end <grin>
Tobias: Pet Bodies… we’ve not considered them outright. We do have some artwork from Japan that fit the criteria
Tobias: Some fun pet bodies, but nothing like the pet bodies you may have been accustomed to elsewhere
Tobias: We’ll likely need new ones drawn to be able to please everybody
River: Oh can’t we show them now? <react>
Tobias: Though the Japanese ones are fun <react>
Tobias: Erm we have one we can show <react>
Callie: ooooh I hope its the one I like!

Japanese Dog Body!

River: Change Callie 😛
Callie: haha ok
River: Ack
River: Hahaha
Advisor Thorny: ROFl
Tobias: <G>
Advisor Elujzim: oh dear
Advisor Thorny: With their purses!
Tobias: Doubleclick!
Advisor Thorny: ROFL
Advisor Elujzim: hahaha
Advisor Thorny: HAHAHAHAHA
Callie: *wiggles*
Luay: Get it away
Advisor Thorny: ROFL
Tobias: Hopefully that answers Buggys question
Advisor Thorny: OMG this is hilarious
Callie: haha
Luay: I feel like I am going to have nightmares<react>
River: I’m so cute!
Callie: we are cute <jump>
River: And cuddly!
Advisor Elujzim: can we sit on ’em?
Advisor Thorny: ROFL
River: Ack
River: Hahaha
Tobias: Okay, Keellyn back to you
Callie: woo, head rush
Advisor Thorny: ROFL
Tobias: Hey!
Callie: Hi <wave>
Keellyn: ok brace yourselves
Callie: ooop sorry
Keellyn: Huggs all
Advisor Thorny: They are asking why do they have er…buttton
Advisor Thorny: ROFL
Tobias: Is winter coming?
Advisor Thorny: Hugggs Keel
Callie: you know nothing jon snow
Keellyn: sort of<react>
Keellyn: wow bad lag
Keellyn: storming here
Callie: eep, stay safe

Keellyn: TY MW people for having this meeting! 1st, an idea, : I think you should open up the MW art catalogs before the world opens
Keellyn: That way people could order in advance, have everything ready when it opens
Keellyn: which would also give you all very important capital during opening days
River: Ah. We have discussed that. We may need to work out some kinks, but will definitely keep it as a potential option.
Callie: oooh like and pay and collect <react>

Keellyn: good
Keellyn: mhmm
Keellyn: ok now question
Keellyn: everyone get your tequila shots ready
Callie: and yes Furio <grin>
Callie: oh no
Advisor Thorny: \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ <– Shots for everyone

Keellyn: this is a theoretical question
Keellyn: Now that we’ve all heard of the rumored/supposed purchase of the Vzones virtual world from out of the US, let’s propose that someone actually reopens VZ, keeps it running, everyone’s possessions are still there IW, and they are able to manage it properly
Keellyn: (YES I know that is a LOT to assume); what then is your plan to go forward in this eventuality? How do you plan to keep member enrollment up and keep attracting new members when you have to directly compete with Vzones? Do you have a plan for if people s
Keellyn: actually leaving MW to go back to Vz? People really love their pixels, and many may go back because they can “get them back”. Do you have incentives in mind for member retention? Do you have a plan for this eventuality at all? I know the chances of all of
Tobias: First of all, we fully intend to remain operational regardless of whether any other service becomes operational. We feel that our skills, experience and actual innovation combined will compel people to stay. We are in this for the long haul and we intend
Keellyn: of this happening are slim, but I think it’s something that the owners/mgmt. of MW/Eden need to address.
Tobias: to make sure this place eclipses anything you’ve seen before
Tobias: We can’t make assumptions about other businesses realistically
Tobias: We are focused on the future, not the past
Keellyn: a good attitude
River: It has been our goal from day one to demonstrate that Tobias & I are different. That we listen, that we care.
Callie: love does that (hoping you get the song reference)
Advisor Elujzim: We have excellent staff <jump> and the bestest members!
Tobias: We know the problems that happened previously. We do not want history to repeat itself. We also feel that a fresh start would benefit everyone. It’s brought the community closer together
Keellyn: I have no doubt of any of that
Keellyn: but
Keellyn: I think it’s something you should keep in mind
Keellyn: prepare for the worst and hope for the best
Tobias: Think of it this way… if that particular place were to be revived. You have almost 20 years worth of bloat, corruption and data loss to contend with
Tobias: People also have a nasty taste left in their mouth over it
Keellyn: no kidding
Advisor Elujzim: This is my only world now <shrug>
Tobias: I think someone in that situation would have a hard time attracting new blood is all I’m saying
Keellyn: <relax><relax><relax>
River: Many who have left the community due to past experiences are returning now – because we are different.
Tobias: In recent years, you could see numbers decline sharply
Keellyn: mhmm
Keellyn: well I just wanted to put it in your heads to address the situation
Tobias: We have it in the backs of our minds, but that’s pretty much where it’s staying. The future is bright, we have plans and we intend to see them through. We hope that you’ll want to join us all for the ride either way
Keellyn: before or if it ever happens
Keellyn: of course<react>
Callie: count me in <jump>
Keellyn: ok I’ll STFU now. Thanks for answering
Luay: This is something that we have discussed far before this meeting has taken place. The internet is a big place, there is a market for everyone.
Keellyn: drink up everyone
River: I should note that Tobias & I do discuss every aspect of the business. As he said – it’s in the back of our minds, but we prefer to focus on moving forward.
Tobias: No worries, we hope people understand where we are coming from

Keellyn: mhmm
Luay: People can do as they please – we are not here to control people’s habits. We are here to provide a fun service

Tobias: Okay Furio, you’re up
Tobias: Hey!
Furio: how do I follow that one? lol
Tobias: LOL
Tobias: It was a bit of a big one <react>
Furio: I only have one question for now
Callie: Hi <wave>
Luay: 66 strong after an hour
Furio: will we have a paint locale where we can make our own codes and paint ourselves? that would free up time for the Advisors to do other things <grin>
Luay: Thankfully we haven’t bored you all out of here
Tobias: Right now that’s not doable with the current technology
Tobias: It’s something to add to the future development list though
Tobias: We could make it happen but we have other things in the pipeline on the dev side of things with the new client
Advisor Thorny: But but but but we enjoy doing :p
Furio: lol
Advisor Elujzim: I have Kenn’s painter to make codes <react>
Tobias: New server updates will be coming down the line at some point to improve stability, reduce the risk of corruption and even add in new classes of items that do things 😉 <react>
Furio: okies I understand <bow>
Luay: Lately, we have been holding a lot of paint parties to fill up member requests
Tobias: We are expanding the Advisor team also so you should be able to get hold of someone for paint
Tobias: They don’t mind, they enjoy being bugged <react>
Advisor Elujzim: If you want to ask a question, send me $ to get on the list!
Luay: If you ever see me around, I would love to help you out with paint
Luay: See how jumpy we all get<react>
Callie: yep, and myself – I will happily do the paint if I am around <grin>
Tobias: Okay Sylliecat, your turn!
Tobias: Hey!
SyllieCat: hugs All
SyllieCat: thanks for the meeting
Callie: Hi <wave>
SyllieCat: one Question
Advisor Thorny: Hugggs girl
SyllieCat: hugs BT
Tobias: Is it about red/black things? <G>
SyllieCat: will the Metro Gear consists of some old AW from other worlds We loved to wear?
Tobias: All of the artwork we are able to use is Fujitsu designed and owned
Callie: nothing wrong with red and black <grin>
Tobias: We are able to use anything they designed, unless it was member art for the other place
Tobias: So to answer your question, sort of <g>
SyllieCat: A lot of favs peeps were hoping to get in the new world
SyllieCat: ok
Luay: We would love to bring back every single item – however there are many issues with that move
Tobias: We have a lot of artists who are bringing their artwork over to us
SyllieCat: I understand
Tobias: Raenbo is redesigning all of her artwork for use in Metropolis for example
SyllieCat: thanks
Tobias: As are many more
Advisor Thorny: I saw, loved her new head!
SyllieCat: again thanks for the meeting
Advisor Elujzim: I doubt ya’ll will be disappointed <shrug>
Tobias: I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleased with the artwork we do have available
Tobias: Anytime
Callie: its amazing <jump>
SyllieCat: I was just hoping for My old head, but if You cant You cant
SyllieCat: thanks
Tobias: Syllie: If it was designed by a member elsewhere we don’t have the rights to it
Advisor Elujzim: Jippo had to go, he wants to know about payment options
Advisor Thorny: Maybe the artists can create another one or similar or a better one in the future
Tobias: Ah okay, that’d be best answered by River… the true brains behind this operation <g>
River: We will be implementing a number of payment solutions.
River: We researched the most secure options, and can assure you that it will be a snap to make payments.
Advisor Elujzim: *snap*
Tobias: We also want to note that your personal data will be 100% secure, we are going to great lengths to ensure we comply with PCI regulations
Tobias: We know there were concerns about that happening elsewhere
Tobias: Another thing from us to show you we take this seriously and want to do this properly
Tobias: Caro, you’re up
River: We’re in this for the long-haul. And part of that is demonstrating that we do our part to secure your personal information.
Tobias: Hey!
Caro: Hi everyone, two questions please <grin>
Callie: Hi <wave>
Caro: Will members need to log iw once every 90 days to keep their accounts active?
Tobias: We have the ability to change the 90 day limit. We are working on upgrading the database software the WorldsAway technology runs on to allow it to grow
River: We have actually discussed that. We are working toward a solution that is ultra-friendly to all of our members.
Tobias: It currently has a set limit and if we hit that ceiling and we increase the 90 day limit, it could cause issues
Tobias: What River said <g>
Caro: terrific ty
Caro: and…
Caro: Will you be rewriting the hosters and player cards so that they will work better in MW and people can play games on multiple avatars? and we can hopefully get back some of the hosters, games that have been lost over the years.
Tobias: Once we can expand the database size, we could set rather high limits or get rid of it entirely
River: And as we’ve established, we are not content to just leave things as is. We want to find the best workable solutions.
Tobias: We are working with some people to be able to have our own plugins we can use and maintain for you free of charge
Caro: hot damn <jump>ty
Tobias: We realize hosters/cards are a major part of the experience for you all and we apologize that certain ones do have issues inworld
Tobias: Please know, we have been proactive in trying to resolve those issues for you
Caro: and some have disappeared all together <sigh>
River: If you saw our to-do and wish lists, you’d be amazed that spreadsheets can expand that much.
Tobias: Things won’t happen overnight as we are wearing many hats and trying to keep things running smoothly
Tobias: So if you know of anyone with the skill who could lend a hand, do let us know
Caro: Like pass the pig
Caro: tyvm <bow>
Tobias: But we are striving to make it so you’ll always have support, you’ll always be able to game and you’ll always have access
Tobias: Chimi you’re up
Chimi: Thisis just Eden question
Chimi: Can we have pretty color splat balls as game DPs, and you create them with #uses=3, say, so they disappear on the 3rd throw?… auto-melting snowballs<grin><grin><grin> Help keep Eden clean<jump>
Chimi: ty
Tobias: Chimi, it’s possible to do so. We’ll look into it for you

Callie: now she has me thinking lol
Luay: I like that idea, actually
Tobias: Joe, I’ll summon you down!
Tobias: Hey!
River: Adds another tab to the spreadsheet
JOEELLIOTT: ty <bow>
Luay: Nice shirt<grin>
Tobias: Sk <jump>
Callie: Sk <jump>
Tobias: Our latest Advisor
Luay: Well hello!
Advisor Sk: hiya <grin>

Callie: Hi Joe <wave>
JOEELLIOTT: My question relates to art. My avi name is taken from the lead singer of Def Leppard. In NH i had a head close enough to look like Joe Elliott. I think it was called Peds Rock. Anyways, is there some way we can send art requests to the artists say via…
Tobias: For now, you can send a request for art to Pink Nekophiliac, our art director will take care of putting that on file
JOEELLIOTT: an artwork request box on the home page where members can request art to be designed
Tobias: Or you can approach an artist directly and ask them if they would be interested
Tobias: Once the team is in place we could set up an e-mail that would get sent out to all the Artists
JOEELLIOTT: ok sounds great <jump>
Tobias: <jump>
JOEELLIOTT: tyvm <bow>
Tobias: Okay, NM!
NM: thanks for the meeting and ..Hiyas<grin> Sorry I missed the first half of the meeting so I don’t know if this was covered…but game cards were mentioned
NM: I msged the staff about glitches with the boggle hoster
Callie: Hi <wave>
NM: which is appreciated
Tobias: We gave the WorldsAway client a little more juice to help ease up on the lag some have had with plugins
NM: I believe it had to do with percent of CPU
Tobias: We plan on giving it even more juice in the next client update
Tobias: Yeah, we throttled how much of it was being used intentionally and we decreased the amount with each build trying to find the sweet spot
NM: yeah..we are still getting popups to grab text…from the hoster
Advisor Elujzim: Anyone else for the list?
Tobias: The next build should up to ease up any remaining lag issues. If anything is left over we’ll need to look into ways of changing how plugins work
Tobias: To allow a bit of extra time before it errors out
NM: sounds like a plan
NM: yeah
NM: ok thanks
NM: and so far so good<grin>
Tobias: Thank you very much
Tobias: Okay we’re going to close the list to newcomers now so we can focus on these last few questions
Tobias: Then make a special announcement <g>

Advisor Elujzim: 3 more questions, then we done
Callie: <jump>
Tobias: Phaedra, you’re next!
Tobias: Oh she’s gone too <g>

Advisor Elujzim: Phadra asked: If we would limit the number of staff/advisors so as not to get too top-heavy as in other worlds? <shrug>
Callie: I like special announcements! <grin>
Tobias: Oh yes for sure!
Luay: Absolutely
Tobias: We want quality over quantity
Tobias: We’ve had people ask us about implementing inworld groups and we’ve felt the same about that too. We don’t want to dilute the place or have everyone on the staff team
Tobias: It makes it more difficult to manage but it’s also not necessary
Luay: It’s like having big government in RW – doesn’t quite work out. We believe in balance!
Tobias: Indeed
Tobias: JohnJ, which one of you am I summoning? <g>
JohnJ: have U said anything bout turfs? I was late.
Tobias: We have indeed, minutes will be posted up but to go over it again they will be launching soon
Tobias: We can either launch them shortly with a missing feature, or wait until we’ve implemented it
Callie: thanks for that Joe ….. I may have something up my sleeve already, so to speak <grin>
JohnJ: also I recently lost my Friends list.
Tobias: It may have happened when you uninstalled/reinstalled the client
Advisor Elujzim: Yep, that happened to me too
JohnJ: ty
Tobias: We’re looking into keeping it persistent or allowing you to export your friends list yourself
Luay: That information is stored in the .ini file, no?
JohnJ: did we update again ?
Tobias: For the technical minded, if you goto your wa20 folder and copy the metrowa.ini file
JohnJ: I didn’t but ok. ty
Tobias: You can just paste that in after installing a new copy of WA
Luay: Yes, keep a backup of that file
Advisor Elujzim: I’m told it happens every time a client is updated
Tobias: That will retain your friends list
Tobias: It does indeed yes
Tobias: The installer currently wipes the folder clean out but once we iron out a small bug we can leave it there
Tobias: Okay the final question for today comes from Insane-Devil. Make sure you stick around for the announcement
Tobias: Uhoh we lost River
Callie: yep
Tobias: *gets the River spotlight out*
Tobias: Apparently JD did it <shrug>
Tobias: Okay hopefully River will make it back, let’s keep going though
Tobias: We’ve just added Wade to the list as a last minute thing, sorry guys <g>
Insane-Devil: Ik this aint a question but to go back on the vzones thing who wants to go back to a world that cant stay open for 24 hours eden is so much better just throwing that out there this is home to alot of us and thanks alot for all your hard work Everyone <grin>
Tobias: Thanks <bow>
Insane-Devil: and also can we get a Porch plz
Tobias: We have one of sorts

Insane-Devil: thanks
Insane-Devil: Eden 2014 <react><jump><jump>
Luay: Thank you for the compliment!
Luay: I am loving your enthusiasm
Insane-Devil: Hugs everyone
Insane-Devil: <wave><wave><wave><wave>
Luay: A porch…
Insane-Devil: Cheers to the New Virtual World Eden <wave>
Advisor Sk: hear hear
Luay: That would be quite funny if one just fell out of the sky
Luay: We have to make things fit in here, but we hear you!
Wade: whoops, my bad ppl
Tobias: Hey
Wade: dint realize q/a was over
Tobias: It’s ok
Wade: i want nothing
Advisor Elujzim: heh
Tobias: We can provide nothing if you’d like that <g>
Wade: i would like to thanks you all for trying to keep it alive
Luay: <drops tools on floor>
Tobias: Thank you for being a part of this Wade, thanks to everyone
Wade: but since im here
Callie: aww thanks
Tobias: It might sound cheesy but it’s true <g>
Wade: <g>
Wade: i will send a mail
Wade: <bow>
Luay: You are most welcome!
Wade: tyvm
Wade: <wave><bow>
Tobias: Thank you Wade

Tobias: Okay, so I don’t know about you but I heard a rumor going round earlier that there might have been some items washed up on the Beach…. does anyone want to check them out?
Callie: drum roll time?
Advisor Elujzim: oooh me me
Wade: move it

At this point we opened the Beach locales, which you can find on the Eastern side of Eden!



Town Hall Meeting

We plan on hosting a town hall meeting, at some point over the next few days. We would love to get some of your questions in, prior to the meeting, so that we can answer them swiftly.
We do plan on opening up the floor for on-the-fly questions, of course. But in the interest of efficiency, we would love to be able to address a fair few questions ahead of time! (Just in case River needs to think, or Google for answers, or in case math is involved…)

Please do not post your questions on this status update, but rather email them to Thanks so much! We’re so appreciative of all of your support – really, we are!