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Advisor Prizes December

Prizes DecIt’s a new month, so we have new prizes for the Advisor Games!!

1st – Warming You Up ’15
2nd – It’s Cold Outside LC ’15
Key for Cold Outside ’15
3rd – Snowman Necklace ’15
Holiday Wreath ’15
Sweet Treat ’15

Color Wars Update

Due to the extremely close race of this years Color Wars we want to take the time to triple and quadruple check the results.

We will be posting the results as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who made this years Color Wars event such a success, the hosts, the teams, the players, and the team of Caretakers who worked so tirelessly behind the scenes.

Color Wars Update

We’ve gotten the scores for the first day of the Color Wars ’16 event sorted out. We apologise for making you wait so long but we had to make very sure that the scores were right.

1st – Grey with 141 points
2nd – Red with 128 points
3rd – Black with 100 points
4th – Pink with 72 points
5th – Blue with 67 points
6th – Burgundy with 65 points
7th – Green with 63 points
8th – Purple with 58 points
9th – Teal with 51 points
10th – Orange with 41 points

Thank you all for playing! Thank you to all the hosts! And thank you to all the people behind the scenes who make it all possible!

Event: Cuban Salsa

This weekend’s event is Cuban Salsa ’16 (the dance, not the food), hosted by Thorny and Havana. Plan your weekend to the beat of the conga drums.

EventCubanSalsa1st – Ricky Ricardo’s Conga ’16
Ricky Ricardo’s Conga Key ’16
2nd – Bola de Gofio ’16
3rd – Guantanamera ’16
Blue Cuban Caballero Tie ’16
Red Cuban Caballero Tie ’16
Blue Cuban Señorita Stole ’16
Red Cuban Señorita Stole ’16


Event: New Years

For our New Year 2016 fun, thanks to Shads & Mikey for the the Event !!! Come join us for the weekend Cheer !

EventNewYear1st – Digging the New Year ’16
2nd – Post Party Fuzzie ’16
3rd – Lovin the New Year ’16
New Year Bling ’16
New Year Recovery Hat ’16

Merry Xmas Metropolis


Merry Xmas Metropolis is our Christmas event for December 24th until the 27th. Please come join us for some holiday cheer.

If you haven’t signed up yet to host, you can sign up until 11:30 pm MWT on Tuesday the 22nd.

Event: Merry Xmas Metropolis ’15

1st – Xmas Fireplace ’15 (LC)
Key to Xmas Fireplace ’15

2nd – Xmas Window ’15
3rd – Xmas Snow Cloud ’15

Popkins – Waving ’15
Popkins – Relaxing ’15
Popkins – Hanging ’15
Popkins – Pepermint ’15


Metro Winter Wonderland

The festive season is truly upon us, join us all inworld in our winter wonderland!DecWinter

Advisor Prizes, December

Prizes Dec2

We’ve got new Advisor Prizes!!! Come play and win some terrific prizes!

1st – Cuddly Stocking ’15 (C)
2nd – Knit Pixie Hat ’15
3rd – Binky Warm-Heart ’15
St. Nicholas’ Fur Hat ’15
St. Nicholas’ Fur Hat ’15
Xmas Wonderland Teardrops ’15
Xmas Wonderland Teardrops ’15


Christmas Vendo ’15

MetroXmas15Time to start your Christmas shopping!!!
Check out the vendo in the Mountain View (East) locale! It’s the start of Christmas shopping in Metropolis.Christmas Tree Box ’15 (E)
Holiday Gift Box ’15 (E)
Holiday Ornaments Box ’15 (E)
Merry Christmas Card ’15 (E)
Happy Xmas Card ’15 (E)
Xmas Card ’15 (E)
Santa Teddy ’15 (E)
Christmas Tree ’15 (E)
Candy Cane Necklace ’15 (E)


Event: Naughty or Nice


This weekend’s event is Naughty or Nice ’15, hosted by Miracle and Raenbo! Come on into Metropolis and play some games, have a chat, win some prizes.

1st – Naughty? Nevah! ’15
2nd – Foxy Lady ’15
3rd – Naughty or Nice ’15
Naughty Horned ’15
Nicely Horned ’15
Bookworm Disguise ’15
Bookworm ’15