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Selling Items for PayPal

We are noticing an increase in the number of individuals selling items for real-world money, via PayPal. While this is a great way to sell your MetroGear and other items so that you can make room for more, we just want to share a word of caution for all parties.

Metropolis is a small and close-knit community. We prefer to keep things as amicable as possible. As our community grows and evolves we may see an increase in transactions making use of outside payment methods. Please be aware that we cannot control sales that do not go through our own systems.

If you believe that someone has deliberately tried to take advantage of you, please reach out to a member of the team. If you plan on deliberately trying to take advantage of someone, please be aware that we will take action to remove you from the community.

Thanks for your support, and cooperation.


Event: Come Play with Us ’15

EventComePlayThis weekend’s event is called “Come Play with Us ’15” , hope you can come play with us in Metropolis, we look forward to seeing you in world. Prizes will be published at the end of the week, bring your inner child to games this weekend. Here’s a sneak peak for all you small avatars:

Metropolis Opening Information

Hey everyone,

We have a lot of information to share, so be prepared for a long read. It’s all important stuff, to make Monday smoother for us all.

Before we go any further, we’d like to announce the promotion of Advisor Sk to the Caretaker team! This has been in the works for a good while, and she’s already been working hard in Metropolis as a Caretaker. We just wanted to wait until now to share with everyone. Make sure you bug her extra hard for things and send her love, while you’re at it!

We will launch with two billing options. A single avatar account is $6.99. A dual avatar account is $12.99. Currently we do not offer prepaid accounts, but do plan on offering 3, 6, and 12 month prepaid account billing options for your convenience.

We can accept credit/debit cards (Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Discover) through our secure merchant service provider. We also accept PayPal. At this moment we cannot accept payment using a bank transfer or personal check. PayPal does make it simple to pay using these methods, so consider signing up for an account with them if you do not yet have one.

We have a new contact e-mail address if you need help.
If you have an account concern, or experience difficulties logging in, e-mail
Generally speaking, we would ask that you wait up 24 hours for a response, however it’ll likely be much faster during these first weeks of opening, as we are manning the post almost around-the-clock.

To sign up for Metropolis, head over to the following link tomorrow from 6AM MWT/PT: For more information about signing up, and about accounts in general, visit
(links will NOT be active until after 6 am MWT)

Please note that you will need to create a brand new billing account in order to access Metropolis. Your current login credentials used for Eden are not valid for logging into Metropolis. You may use the same user ID and password for your new Metropolis account, but please make a note of it when you are creating your billing account. If you do NOT provide a preferred username and password, one will be assigned to you.

To login to Metropolis, you can use the following login page:

To register an account for the free area, you need to fill in a brief application form. This allows us finer control over things and should help prevent abuse. Please allow up to 24 hours for your free account to be created.

If you’d like to take a look at the Metro map ahead of the launch tomorrow, you can find the map here:

The map currently doesn’t show interiors to save on space but you get to see the main world hub here.

You can view previews of all the Token Turfs available in Metropolis by clicking here, props to Raenbo for creating our first decorated turfs! We think they will be a big hit!

Eden will be closing on Monday 26th October 2015 at 12 noon MWT, a week after Metropolis opens. So be sure to say your goodbyes and take any final screenshots of locales and turfs. If anyone you know in Eden isn’t sure they are going to move over to Metropolis, please remind them that the free option is always there for them so you don’t have to lose touch.

We will hopefully see you all tomorrow at 12 noon MWT! Thank you for your support over this past year.

– River and Tobias

MetroGear Paintable Bitmaps

Thanks to the brilliant Advisor SK, we now have some bitmap files available for items from the MetroGear Launch Catalog. Use your favourite paint program to load these up and put some codes together

Windows 10 Support

We are happy to announce that the WorldsAway client software used to access our worlds appears to be working just fine with Windows 10 which has just been released. Some of our members also report that they have had no problems with existing hosting programs, utilities or cards for gaming.

If you do experience any issues please let us know via

All is well

Our website/forums and e-mail are back in full working order once more, thank you for your patience today!

Metropolis Turf Preview

Someone asked us for a sneaky peek at what turfs will be like in Metropolis and now you can see for yourselves :) These locales are from a fully decorated turf which will be available to rent for tokens immediately from launch. The standard 1/2/3/4 blank turf options will also be available. Props to Raenbo for putting this turf together!





Metropolis Update – End of April ’15

Hey everyone,

As promised in the last town meeting, we’d keep you informed on our progress with the Metropolis launch.

Right off the bat though we want to state explicitly in no uncertain terms. Metropolis IS opening.

There has been some doubt inworld and online this past week or so and it’s simply not based in fact. We have suffered from delays due to unforeseen circumstances but we are working on things everyday. We would not be running events constantly, beta testing new features or putting out new client updates if we planned on folding any time soon.

We are constantly putting new content out there and interacting with people inworld. It simply doesn’t make any sense that we would put all this time/effort in if we don’t plan on opening. Not to mention money spent on keeping Eden running and up constantly.

We always like to believe our actions speak just as loud as our words. For those who do doubt us, we’re sorry you feel that way and we hope to see you once we do open the floodgates.

Metropolis is finished, the world is ready and capable of supporting you all. We’ve spent the extra time we’ve had putting polish on things and adding in things that originally we didn’t have time for. Ultimately, we’ve all benefited from us having to take some extra time to work on things.

Our building team, headed by Kyle, have done an amazing job and we couldn’t have asked for more.

We are still having issues with our billing area however. By issues, we mean that it’s being coded but we’ve run into certain issues. We can’t just use an off the shelf solution due to the way it needs to interact with the WorldsAway server, a bespoke solution is required.

We have been working with a talented programmer on such a thing since January of this year. Unfortunately, he ran into some major personal issues which ate up most of March and we’ve been playing catchup ever since. This is one area we cannot afford to get wrong because handling customers personal information correctly is of paramount importance. It’s vital to us that your billing information be 100% secured and PCI compliant. It’s also vital to us that it works right from day one because we’d rather not leave a bad taste in anyones mouths.

So with all that being said, we are going to have to delay Metropolis a bit longer. Not because we want to but because it’s what is necessary to secure a future for the worlds and the WorldsAway technology in general.

We will continue to keep you updated with more information as and when we can. In the meantime, please come and visit us in Eden. We do have a vibrant, growing community inworld and they will welcome you with open arms. Items may not be permanent except for Event prizes but pixels are secondary to meaningful human interaction.

In the meantime, to add to the new client we just put out with all new features and fixes, here are some pictures from Metropolis to help tide you over.

Thank you for your patience and we hope to reward it soon.







MetroWorlds Forums

We’ve had a few people ask us at town meetings before and via e-mail whether we’d ever have a forum. Somewhere for issues to be discussed when not inworld without needing to logon to Facebook.

Well we’ve put something together for you now over at

It’s open to all of our MetroWorlds family for you to come together. There are several important topics stickied in each subforum you should check out once you’ve registered. You’ll need to register an account in order to post topics or reply to other peoples topics. Also, signing up with your inworld name helps to make it easier to communicate with others.

We hope this additional way of interacting with each other is something that benefits us all :)

Note: Once registered, you’ll need to confirm your account registration via e-mail. Please keep an eye on your junk mail folder incase the confirmation e-mail ends up in there.

Behavior questions

There have been some concerns regarding what we said about language & behavior in Metropolis yesterday. We apologize if people misunderstood what we said but please allow us to clarify.

Metropolis is an adult world with an 18+ atmosphere, however we are allowing 16-18 year olds to join with parental consent. As you may imagine, an 18+ atmosphere could mean that members may see other members curse inworld or discuss topics that a 16-18 year old may not necessarily want to see.

In this instance, we’ve placed the onus on the parent to decide whether they believe their child is mature enough to handle potential situations like this.

That being said, we are pretty easy going when it comes to stuff but if someone said something that made somebody else feel uncomfortable, we’d want to resolve that.

Our philosophy is that you should treat others how you wish to be treated. That holds very true inworld because we’re all people on the other end of our respective screens. Use your better judgement and you should be fine.

If you ever do experience a situation where you feel uncomfortable or like something is not acceptable, you’ll be able to page an Advisor who will discuss it with you. If necessary, they will be able to mediate between you and the other party until a resolution is found.

We want our worlds to be a safe, fun haven for all and we are committed to ensuring that’s the case. Apologies again if anyone thought anything otherwise.