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Welcome to MetroWorlds!

Our flagship virtual world Metropolis offers an experience unlike anything else you’ll find.

The rich community found in our virtual world extends to our members the ability to interact with people from around Tobias2016-1the world on a deeper level than anywhere else online. Friendships forged within our community transcend the years, and the miles.

Your time spent in Metropolis provides the opportunity for conversations that are scintillating, funny, and so much more! Play any number of interactive games that are member-hosted inworld, take part in weekly events, hunts, River2016-1and even contests that allow you to express your creativity.

Customize your avatar with a look that is uniquely you, with interchangeable heads, accessories, and even a grand selection of paint colors.

Rent an apartment space and decorate it to be a reflection of your personal style.

The experience you have in Metropolis is entirely up to you. You are free to be the avatar you want to be.

If you are interested in learning more about our community please take a look around, and be sure to visit our Facebook page for updates and the latest news!

We look forward to seeing you in Metropolis.